Exhibitions in the Gallery of the Castle in Moszna

Paintings by Ms. Justyna Koziczak
and Mr. Krzysztof Polaczenko

The exhibition can be seen during tours of the castle starting April 12 until the end of June 2024.


Justyna Koziczak

Born 1991 in Wroclaw, she graduated from the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Restoration and Reconstruction of Ceramics and Glass. Her works are compositions whose styling may bring to mind dreams and the subconscious. Made in the Surrealist trend, the paintings are usually boundless landscapes with temples, gates or peaks towering over the human figure. Justyna creates mainly in two techniques: oil on canvas and her own technique of burning through metal and painting on burnt marks. Her works have taken part in exhibitions in London, Milan, Venice and at the Dubai World Art Fair. Justyna’s paintings are on the covers of more than a dozen albums by rock and metal bands mainly from the US.

Krzysztof Polachenko

He was born on January 15, 1987. in Swidnica, has been involved in painting, music and writing from an early age. He has participated in many author meetings, solo, group and pre-auction exhibitions. He draws the subject matter of his paintings directly from observations of the world around us, depicting reality in a surrealistic manner. Many times he combines several different artistic techniques in one work. He places great emphasis on attention to detail and long durability of the work. His paintings are in Polish and foreign collections.