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Magical summer camps

Moszna Castle and Quatromondis – Cztery Światy Hugona Yorcka would like to invite you to the Wizardly World for legendary summer camps!

If you like Hogwarts and Harry Potter, you are impressed by the wisdom of Gandalf or Merlin, you spend evenings with a book or film that takes you to a world where anything can happen, and spells and mythical creatures are normal to you – welcome to the Wizardly World. We have been waiting for you.

This magical castle is the perfect place for a holiday!

of magic and grandeur in this historical and legendary setting!

This magnificent caste creates a unique atmosphere for a summer camp from the very first moments. Ceremonial halls and hidden rooms allow participants to feel like they are in a fairy tale, increasing their self-esteem and a sense of uniqueness.

and imperceptible learning that may come in handy both in school and in everyday life.

Awesome classes delivered with passion and care, full of useful knowledge and skills, our incredibly well-prepared classes will let you have a lot of fun. We support children in creating, strengthening and exploring their skills, passions and knowledge. And we support their development outside of summer camps too – with success!


Physical activity is extremely important for the development of every child. That is why we plan daily physical activities in such a way that our participants do not even notice that they are working on their health and fitness. Specially prepared outdoor and strategic games, as well as classic tournaments in a fun, medieval style.


Nothing stimulates the imagination more than walks through mysterious and historical places, discovering what is hidden for other people, awaiting the unknown… Each event is based on a unique scenario, taking into account mythical creatures, great heroes and a mysterious plot. At the same time, we do not limit creativity and improvisation, which makes children with artistic souls very happy.

But above all…

We are constantly watching over the safety of children and teenagers whether in the context of physical injuries (which we try to effectively prevent) or as regards their comfort when staying away from home. In addition, the Castle is fenced and has 24-hour security.

We provide:
Interesting, magical activities and events in the castle chambers (astronomy, herbology, mineralogy, encryption of messages, Slavic mythology and many more);
The care of experienced tutors with exceptional skills and interests;
Recreation manager supervision – a teacher, person experienced in working with children;
Exciting role-play games with a unique scenario, puzzles and mysteries that happen on the castle premises;
Participant’s kit: wizard's robe, wand, coat of arms etc.

Note! Advanced booking is required!

Call us +48 504 540 004

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