Moszna Castle offers tourists much more than a standard visit to a historic place. Specifically for you, we have a diverse choice of accommodation, a traditional restaurant and café menu, an extensive business offer as well as .

Moszna Castle has been providing accommodation since 2013. It offers its guests as many as 44 rooms (118 beds) of various standards.

The characteristic feature of some rooms is that the family of the Count, German emperor and the Silesian aristocracy, who visited the palace in large numbers for hunting and social calls, slept in them.
Original fireplaces, floors, cabinets, ornaments, windows and doors remain in some rooms.
There are very big differences between the rooms… in some are original elements, while in others almost all the elements are modern. Our guests can spend their stay in the Castle in Count’s suites, in standard rooms or in tourist rooms on the top floor. The choice is theirs! The views from the rooms are very diverse, because they all face different directions of the world. You may see the park, terrace, pond and the adjacent stud from the windows.

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