Biological renewal

The Biological Renewal offer provides a wide range of treatments to improve the functioning of your cardiovascular system, reduce muscle tension and tighten your skin. They help release, positive energy from deep inside our bodies, which restores strength and improves health and well-being. By dedicating a few moments to these treatments, you can see the beneficial effects in the form of well-being for the following days.


Prior reservation of the biological renewal treatment is required.

Booking and information about treatments is available through telephone contact:
Phone: +48 77 552 07 77 internal 354.

The Biological Renewal Treatment Room in the Castle is open from Monday to Friday at 10:00 am – 10:00 pm.


Biological renewal – treatment price list


Aromatic submersion
(bath in herbs)
39,00 zł20 min.
Relaxing hot tub
(hydro massage)
20,00 zł15 min.
Water oxygenation25,00 zł25 min.
Mud compress20,00 zł20 min.
Therapeutic massage39,00 zł15 min.
Face massage39,00 zł15 min.
Massage with oils45,00 zł15 min.
Partial massage69,00 zł30 min.
Relaxing massage99,00 zł45 min.
Earl’s chair(Shiatsu chair)10,00 zł10 min.
Shiatsu massage15,00 zł15 min.
Gym10,00 zł1 wejście
Gym pass49,00 zł8 wejść

Warm stones and vacuum cup massage


Warm stones and vacuum cup back and thigh massage130,00 zł40 min
Warm stones and vacuum cup back and arm massage110,00 zł30 min
Warm stones and vacuum cup lower limbs massage130,00 zł40 min
Face massage and warm stones neckline massage110,00 zł30 min
Vacuum cup back massage70,00 zł20 min.
Vacuum cup thigh and buttocks massage140,00 zł40 min

Bath and massages


Lavender hot tub bath + lavender oil massage79,00 zł
Lemon hot tub bath + orange oil massage79,00 zł
Rose hot tub bath + rose oil massage79,00 zł
Exotic bath + chocolate oil massage79,00 zł

Treatment packages


1 hour session30,00 zł /os.
A further hour10,00 zł /os.
Package of five 1 hour-long sessions120,00 zł /os.

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For those in need of relaxation, Moszna Castle offers a new, spacious sauna,, built in 2015. Right next to the sauna you can use a special tub to cool down. The Castle Sauna refers to years of excellence in a field in which it was once famous – having the best and most popular baths in the Opole Province.

The Sauna is open from Monday to Friday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm or upon prior reservation by phone under the number: +48 77 466 96 79 internal 354. There is the possibility to make exclusive reservations of the sauna – the price, dependent on the date and availability, is negotiable.


Deep relaxation115,00 złVacuum cup back massage
Therapeutic mud
Water oxygenation
Aromatic relaxation170,00 złAromatic submersion
Stones leg massage
Shiatsu massage
Day SPA150,00 złWater oxygenation
Stone massage of the back and back of the legs
Shiatsu massage (on the bed)
Inner peace170,00 złAromatic submersion
Face and neckline massage
Therapeutic mud
Shiatsu massage
Paradise garden99,00 złHot tub with oils
Therapeutic massage with oils
Mud compression
Shiatsu massage

Light therapy – NEW!


BIOPTRON Light Therapy works in a natural way, increasing the body’s ability to regenerate and helps maintain balance, and therefore helps release and unleash its own healing potential. When the energy of polarized light reaches the tissues, it triggers the biostimulation process (this means that it positively stimulates various biological processes in the body, supporting the proper functioning of the body).

Terapia światłem10 zł / 8 min.
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