Extreme tours

Eager for an adventure? Choose an extreme tour of the castle! Curiosity with a sprinkle of fear – and all of that on a tour of underground corridors, previously unavailable chambers and a dark crypt.

We guarantee a 6000 second-long tour, during which you will travel 1500m, walk 2080 steps and climb 640 steps. This is a challenge for the fit and determined!

In one evening you will find yourself 35 meters above the ground, learn that the Castle has as many as 99 towers and descend 5 m underground into a previously unavailable crypt!

If you are curious about the secrets hidden in Moszna Castle, you have no choice but to participate in this event! In order not to get lost in the dark corridors, you will be accompanied by a guide who may reveal some secrets…

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General terms:


The tour of the Castle is approximately 90 minutes long

The group may have a maximum of 15 people

Booking at the phone numbers:
Phone: +48 77 466 96 79 | Phone: +48 77 466 96 78 | Phone: +48 530 357 094

Extreme tours take place from Friday to Sunday at 6:00 pm, 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm, 8 pm

Visitors to the Castle are also to purchase palace and park area admission tickets;

Booking available on-line (click here) 

Ticket prices


Extreme tours rules and regulations

  • The tour of the castle takes place with a guide permitted to give tours of the Moszna Castle.
  • When it comes to foreign-language or organised groups, prior confirmation is necessary (written or by telephone – at least 7 days before the date of visit); contact the main office (phone: +48 77 466 96 79, e-mail: recepcja@moszna-zamek.pl)
  • Leaders/caretakers of previously confirmed groups are served with priority.
  • Organised groups with guides may have up to 15 people, groups formed from individual tourists up to 15 people.
  • Whenever events are organised in the rooms or in case of adverse weather conditions, the tour routes may be altered or tourist traffic limited.
  • Walking on the tourist routes with pushchairs is forbidden. Pushchairs must be left in the front office.
  • Employees of Moszna Castle may deny entry or presence in the area managed by the company to people: a) under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances, or other similar agents, b) bearing arms or other life-threatening items, c) displaying violent or provocative behaviour, or posing a threat to safety or tour order
  • Pets are allowed only in the park. Entering the interior of the Castle with pets is forbidden.
  • Moszna Castle reserves the right to change visiting hours or close for visiting.

Download the rules and regulations.

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