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Welcome to Moszna Castle

there are many legends about Moszna and in each of them there is a grain of truth. The history of the origin of the building is also complicated as the final form is a result of subsequent centuries-long works.

Nowadays the Castle, famous for its 99 towers and 365 rooms, attracts tourist from Poland and abroad with its astonishing charm, fairytale architecture, as well as an extensive park with oaks and lime trees hundreds of years old. It still holds many secrets, which are waiting to be discovered…


Find out why Moszna Castle is worth visiting!

Oferta dla biznesu

Pomysł na wyjątkowe konferencje i spotkania biznesowe w niezwykłej oprawie...

Noclegi w Zamku

Pobyt hrabiowski w jednym z apartamentów Zamku dostarczy niezapomnianych wrażeń...


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