Photo shoots

It is possible to do photo shoots in the palace park.


The fee for performing sessions is PLN 200.00 per couple. The price includes admission for the bride and groom and photographer, others entering the park are required to pay an admission fee, according to the current price list. The fee is a one-day fee, paid on site on the day of arrival for the photo shoot. It is also possible to do the session in the Golden Suite.

200 PLN / PAIR


600 PLN / PAIR


Offer for young couples

Especially for newlyweds, we have prepared a unique offer, in which for an additional fee of PLN 400.00 we make available selected chambers of the castle to perform their wedding session. This allows you to forever capture the charm of the palace atmosphere and keep as a special memento of the event. Photo opportunities exist in the following rooms: lobby, conservatory, cafe, Room Under the Peacock, Gallery, Count's Cabinet and Library. The fee is a one-day fee. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the above-mentioned rooms are not provided exclusively for photo shoots. The chambers are mainly used for tourism, and the halls serve as meeting rooms. In view of the above, Moszna Castle reserves the right to refuse to make certain rooms available on certain dates. For availability of rooms for sessions, inquire at the reception desk. Moszna Castle does not provide a photographer.

Possibility to take pictures at hrs. 7:00-9:00 am and 6:00-8:00 pm in the chambers. Wedding photo shoots do not require booking an appointment. However, we ask that you check the feasibility of it on the day before you arrive. Similar conditions, including pricing, apply in cases of sessions of a similar nature, such as communion, engagement, etc.


Filming from a drone

In case of filming with a drone, it is required to show the following documents at the reception: OC and license. In the absence of these documents, drone flight is impossible.