Interior of the Castle

The interior of Moszna Castle is a true festival of history, elegance and noble beauty. The halls of the castle impress with a wealth of architectural details, intricately decorated ceilings, monumental fireplaces and a collection of unique furniture and artwork. Every corner of Moszna Castle hides a story that takes us back in time and reveals the secrets of bygone eras. From stately ballrooms to intimate offices, each interior is a true masterpiece that will take your breath away. We invite you to visit and discover the extraordinary beauty of our interiors, where every step is a journey into the depths of history and noble aesthetics.


Castle park

In the park surrounding Moszna Castle, nature intertwines with history, creating a unique environment for visitors. Walking through the picturesque alleys surrounded by old trees, azalea bushes and rhododendrons, you can feel harmony with nature and immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape. Our park is also a place to meet and relax - ideal for family picnics, romantic walks or a moment of reverie among charming corners. Discover the tranquility and beauty of nature in the heart of Moszna Castle.



Hidden in the heart of Moszna Castle is our orangery, a place full of magic and exotic aromas. It is here, surrounded by historic walls, that when you pass through the gate of the orangery, you are transported into a world of exotic plants and refined elegance. The Moszna Orangery is not only a space for plants, but also a place for meetings and inspiration. The interior of the orangery exudes harmony and tranquility, creating an ideal space for rest and relaxation.


Restaurant and cafe

The restaurant and cafe at Moszna Castle are integral to our offerings. Our restaurant serves exquisite dishes inspired by traditional Polish cuisine and international flavors, prepared with the utmost care and passion by our talented chefs. At the cafe, you can enjoy aromatic coffee, delicious desserts and light snacks, surrounded by elegance and historical charm. A rich menu of dishes and drinks will satisfy the most demanding palates, providing an unforgettable culinary experience.



At the central point of the park in Moszna hides a real gem - a fountain that not only impresses with its beauty, but also offers an unforgettable sound experience. Every day, this fountain transports our visitors to the magical world of classical music, creating a unique concert of sounds and the sound of water. It is a place where history meets the harmony of nature, providing not only a visual, but also a spiritual experience. At the fountain in the Moszna Castle Park, everyone can breathe a full breath and soak in the magical atmosphere.



At Moszna Castle, every day is a unique journey into the past. Our castle is not only a majestic building, but also a center for cultural events. From exhibitions to concerts, from literary gatherings to art shows, from animations to spectacular themed events, with us you will always find something inspiring to see and experience. Learn the secrets of history, enjoy the magic of culture and spend unforgettable moments in the extraordinary atmosphere of Moszna Castle.