Azalea Blossom Festival


Moszna Castle is a place with a soul, which for many years has influenced the cultural identity of residents from all over the area and tourists visiting the place.

The Musical Azalea Blossom Festival is an annual event.

The first event was organized in 1984. Zbigniew Pawlicki, a Polish musicologist, publicist, popularizer of music and organizer of musical life, was the originator, creator and artistic director; and Zygmunt Więcek, director of CTN Moszna-Zamek, was its co-creator.

Goals of the festival

During his many years of work, Zbigniew Pawlicki has created a network of festivals across the country with the same goals: the popularization of modern Polish compositions, classical music and the education of listeners along with the promotion of local, debuting artists.

A hallmark of Pawlicki’s events was the use of beautiful tourist sites. Thanks to this, he attracted tourists to the concerts, who without this would not have had the opportunity to experience the beauty of the works presented and their various performances.

In establishing, the Musical Feast of Azalea Blossoms, Zbigniew Pawlicki set the following goals:

  • Promoting Polish outstanding artists and composers;
  • Promotion of the most talented musicians from the region;
  • Music education of the local community and incoming tourists;

Each concert is accompanied by a commentary, introducing the audience to the repertoire, artist and performance.

The Musical Festival of Azalea Blossoms, with the arrival of spring, annually fills the castle with unusual sounds….