Mysterious tales from the past of Moszna Castle

Moszna Castle is not only a unique architectural marvel, but also a place that hides many fascinating stories. Move back in time and discover the secrets of this remarkable building, which impresses with its monumentality and rich past.

Castle rebuilt by Franz Hubert von Tiele-Winckler

The original building of the castle dates back to the Middle Ages, but the current shape is mainly due to the reconstruction carried out in the 19th century by Franz Hubert Tiele-Winckler. Thanks to his efforts, the castle was thoroughly restored and expanded, giving it a distinctive neo-Gothic style.


The castle as a witness to turbulent historical events

Since its reconstruction, the castle has witnessed numerous turbulent historical events, as well as housing various noble and aristocratic families. This is the place where legends and stories passed down from generation to generation were born.


Symbol of power and prestige

For centuries, Moszna Castle has been a symbol of the power and prestige of its owners. Its monumental architecture, numerous towers and towers, as well as richly decorated interiors, testify to the former splendor and importance of this remarkable residence.

Discover the secrets of Moszna Castle

We invite you to discover the mysteries of Moszna Castle and move into the world of historical narratives. While visiting these magical interiors, travel back in time and feel the unique atmosphere of bygone eras.