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View from the camera
on the southeastern part of the park

In the center of the frame is Kalushnik Pond, while azaleas grow along the road leading to the castle. The oldest specimens of azaleas and rhododendrons can be seen along the linden avenue, so in the northeastern part of the park. The park in Moszna is one of the largest and most valuable in the Opole region. The historic park had no defined boundaries, connecting with surrounding forests, fields and villages. Only the main axis of the entire concept is geometric in nature. On the side of the garden elevation, behind the fountain, there is a linden avenue, which will take you to the marble pedestal - the remains of the monument to Hubert von Tiele- Winckler. On both sides of the avenue are preserved 19th-century canals, built in the Dutch and French styles, and ponds. On the east side of the linden avenue is a pond with a beautiful island. The character of the park creates an extraordinary atmosphere conducive to long walks and encounters with the awe-inspiring nature, architecture and art.