Hugo Yorck Green Schools


We are very pleased and honored to present an offer of green schools in one of the most fabulous and mysterious places not only in Opole region, but also in the whole country.

The offer includes:

  • A castle apartment in a castle complex with 24-hour security,
  • Food – dishes prepared by the castle kitchen,
  • A time filled with workshops, activities and epic parties,
  • Cloaks, costumes, tunics – to be rented on site for the duration of the green school,
  • ceremonial announcement – special diploma,
  • traveler’s diary – for taking notes on the magical adventure and a pen,
  • The care of the Grandmasters (entertainers) and the HY Ambassador (resident),
  • Anything you create during the workshop, e.g.: potion, clay figure, etc.

Please include in your email such basic information as:

  • your name and name and contact information
  • planned date of arrival at Moszna Castle (approximate date, e.g. first half of May, second
  • Number of participants and chaperones and age/grade of participants (also approximate, e.g. grade IV and V elementary school, 30+3, or thirty participants
    and three caregivers)
  • information which program was selected by you (Attention! At this stage, the name of the selected program is preliminary information for us, in the course of the
    preparing your stay, it will still be possible to modify the pool of workshops and events).