Magical camps and winter holidays

Moszna Castle and Four Worlds by Hugo Yorck....

...invite you to the legendary camps and winter holidays to the Magical Wizarding World!

If you are close to Hogwarts Castle and Harry Potter, are impressed by the wisdom of Gandalf or Merlin, spend your evenings with a book or movie that transports you to a world where anything can happen, and spells and mythical creatures are your daily bread – welcome to the Magical Wizarding World. We have been waiting for you.

Fairytale Castle is even the perfect place to spend the vacations and winter vacations!

...magic and dignity in a historical and legendary setting!

The magnificent castle builds an extraordinary atmosphere of the colony from the first impression. Representative halls, halls, hidden rooms allow participants to feel like they are in a fairy tale, reinforcing everyone’s sense of worth and uniqueness.

...and imperceptible learning, useful in school and everyday life.

Departure activities prepared with passion and care, full of useful knowledge and skills, as well as well-prepared events allow you to have fun. We support children in creating, enhancing and exposing their skills, passions, knowledge and also assist in their development outside of the camps – successfully!


Physical activity is extremely important in the development of every child. That’s why movement activities are scheduled every day in such a setting that our participants don’t notice that they are improving their health and fitness. We have specially developed field and strategy games, as well as classic competitions in a fun, medieval style.


Nothing stimulates the imagination as much as walking through mysterious and historical places, discovering what is hidden for others, waiting for the unknown… Each holiday is implemented on the basis of a unique scenario, taking into account mythical creatures, great heroes and a mysterious plot. In doing so, we allow a dose of invention and improvisation, which is most pleasing to children with artistic souls.


We are constantly on the lookout for the safety of children and young people, whether in terms of physical injury (which we try to effectively protect against) or the comfort of being away from home. In addition, the castle is fenced and has 24-hour security.


  • Interesting magical activities and events in the castle chambers (astronomy, herbalism, mineralogy, message encryption, Slavic mythology and many others);
  • Care of experienced educators with exceptional skills and interests;
  • Supervision of the leisure manager – an educator, a person with experience in working with children;
  • Exciting role-playing games with a unique scenario, puzzles and mystery, played on the castle grounds;
  • Participant’s package: wizard’s robe, wand, crest, etc.